DARRYL TOTTY                        Professional Biography



As a United Methodist pastor with 12 years’ of ministry, Darryl Totty has provided Bible-centered and compassionate service for congregations of up to 200 members, as well as led highly effective discipleship programs using Wesleyan and Methodist theology and pastoral practices. With his talent for facilitating strong connections between people and God, he knows how to assist believers find their service calling and spiritual potential.

In his current role as Senior Pastor for Conant Avenue United Methodist Church in Detroit, Michigan, he strives to improve the church’s evangelism focus, resulting in the growth of the congregation by 22% during his ministry. He repeatedly uses his communication and gifted preaching style to minister to multicultural worshipers within changing church and community dynamics. He is also highly skilled in administering all United Methodist sacraments and in facilitating visitation teams.

Darryl knows how to build strong sustainable teams, and also applied his mentoring expertise to  train and manage the church’s leadership team. By instilling a sense of confidence, he has turned around underperforming committees into effective performers for Christ. In addition, he successfully merged two congregations into a cohesive congregation using his outstanding conflict management and people skills.

Prior to this ministry, he served as Pastor at Jefferson Avenue United Methodist Church, where he provided spiritual guidance and leadership to a multiracial congregation. By teaming with the United Methodist Women (UMW) organization, he played a key role in establishing a mission in Cape Town, South Africa that provided health services and job training to three racially diverse groups.

As Executive Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church, he helped develop a charter school for 6th-8th graders, in addition to performing his regular pastoral duties, and served as liaison between the church and the State of Michigan for the school’s accreditation process. He also restructured a Bible study course and created a covenant discipleship small group ministry, resulting in members well prepared to follow the General Rule of Discipleship, “To witness to Jesus Christ in the world and to follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

Darryl’s credentials include a Doctorate of Divinity from Graduate Theological Foundation House at Oxford University, as well as a Master of Divinity from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. His undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Business Administration, and he consistently uses this knowledge, along with his organizational management skills, to streamline church administrative functions, as well as provide detailed technical and financial reports to the United Methodist Church leadership.

Additionally, he is a member of numerous and diverse organizations, including Methodist Volunteers In Mission (VIM), General Board of Global Ministries, Black Methodist for Church Renewal, The Order of the FLAME World Methodist Evangelism and The World Methodist Council. He also is a member of numerous community organizations, such as Children’s Defense Fund, Kellogg Youth Foundation, National Association for Mediation in Education (NAME), Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention, NAACP, National Association of Community Health Centers and the Parliament of World Religions.