"Why Are You Here"  Jan 28, 2018
Carolyn Hildred  Certified Lay Servant

"Use It Or Lose It"     Rev. Dr. Willie F. Smith 

Sharon Appling  
Certified Lay Servant

In this section we give you just a small part of the sermons preached at Conant Avenue. 

You are welcome to join us to hear entire sermons. 

Jesus Life Of The Sundown Superbowl Party 
Sharon Appling  February 4, 2018
Sis Ellena Totty 
Mirror Mirror On The Wall. Whose The Fairest of The All.

Pastor Smith   Palms Sunday 2018

Evelyn Mcduffie
Certified Lay Servant

 Joy   July 7, 2019 

Rev. Dr. Willie F. Smith